We aim to be a relaxed, clean and well-organized hostel. We’re a small independently owned and operated business, not a branch of a large faceless chain. We strive to make your stay in Copenhagen with us as cozy and adventurous as possible. The owners are die-hard travelers and have stayed in hostels all over the world. Because of our combined experience, we feel we know what travelers need when visiting a new city.

If you have ANY complaints or suggestions at all, we appreciate your feedback! We take this very seriously and use your input to improve our services, so please speak up sooner rather than later. Email us at or contact reception directly and we will try to address your concern immediately!

If you booked your stay via Hostelworld or some site other than our booking platform and you enjoyed your stay, please spread the word to other travelers by rating us.

Thank you for choosing Copenhagen Backpackers. We hope you have a fantastic time with us in Copenhagen!

Rune is a genuine, dyed-in-the-wool viking explorer and has, on the last count, set foot in 45 countries. He has traveled far and wide via backpacking, 4×4 overlanding, hitchhiking and many other methods of exploration including replica viking ships. He grew up in Denmark and has lived in Copenhagen for fourteen years. He knows his beloved city like the back of his hand but he craves the outdoors and is an expert hunter, wilderness survivalist, mountain climber and caver who spends at least one month per year in his tent. His passion for exploring has recently led him to start organizing caving expeditions. He also creates films that document his adventures This man knows travel and he’s aiming to make your stay in Copenhagen as memorable, cozy and comfortable as possible. (contact on email)

Andreas – an avid outdoorsman and travel fanatic. These passions first took root in him when his grandma forced him to try out for the Danish Boy Scouts when was only 12 years old. 25 years later, he’s still an active Scout and is chief of a division of 500 Danish Scouts that is based just north of Copenhagen. Andreas loves everything to do with the outdoors and has spent more than one whole year of his life in at tent in total. He’s a rock climbing instructor, a badass skier and a decent kite boarder. In 2010 he rode his motorcycle 22,000 km all the way from Copenhagen to Capetown on the trip (along with Rune). Andreas is a consultant in daytime and hostel owner by night (and weekends). He was born and raised just North of Copenhagen and knows the city better than most. He lived down the street from Copenhagen Backpackers for ten years, so he knows the neighborhood the hostel is in like the back of his hand. Andreas is our HR director so please let him know if you have any concerns or comments about the hostel. He will do his very best to solve any issue you might have!

Peter – Description soon to come.

Building process – this is how we in 8 weeks turned 250 square meters of old office building into this great cozy hostel. Lots of hard work…