The bar

Come inside and feel at home after a long and exciting day exploring the city. It’s always happy hour at our bar. We sell selected local Danish beer, cold drinks, coffee/tea and snacks at reception for very low prices.

Of course, we hook you up with very fast and free WIFI. Stop by reception for the password. Please don’t bring your own alcohol to our bar, but use our very fair priced bar before you go into Copenhagen nightlife. 

The rooms

All of our rooms are light and cozy dorm rooms. Most of the beds are small ‘cabins’ for increased privacy. We decided to make them that way as we know it is just cozier to sleep in a bed that feels like just your own.

Lights out is at 22:30 so all can get their sleep.

The breakfast

breakfastEvery morning we bake fresh bread for the breakfast. Choose what you like with it from a typical Danish buffet. To drink we offer juice or freshly made coffee or tea. Breakfast is served from 8-11am. for DKK 55,-



Rent a bike

bike-blueMore than 50% of Copenhagen’s inhabitants cycle as their main mode of transport. There are far more bikes in the city than people! If you want to experience Copenhagen the way a local does, it’s highly recommended that you jump on a bike. At Copenhagen Backpackers, we have a fleet of reliable and easy to ride bikes for you to rent. Often it is faster to travel around the city by bike than it is by metro or bus. It’s also a lot greener, of course.


We have three showers and two separate toilets. And in all rooms you’ll find lockers to be locked with your own padlock. Also we can store your luggage for some time after check out if needed.

After check in you have 24 hour access with your chip key (check in time 8-22:30)

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